2017 updated

Karate For Christ is an outreach ministry of the church open to kids and adults. We ask that kids know their right from left and can take instruction well. Please do not use this as free babysitting service.

We practice Wado Ryu Karate.

Enrollment Process:
Most of the questions we receive have to do with enrolling in one or several of our classes. These classes are free. The instructors take time out of their busy schedules and teach karate to any who are interested. Simply arrive a few minutes early to the class you would like to try and introduce yourself to the Sensei. They will direct you with what they want you to do next.

Try it for a few weeks to see if karate is a good fit for you and your family. If it is, feel free to order a gi (uniform) from your Sensei. If you find you or your children are not as interested as you thought you would be, simply let your Sensei know, and that’s it.

-No start-up fees.
-Classes are free.

You are responsible for:
-Gi (uniform) which can be ordered from your Sensei
-testing and federation fees – both are minimal
-mouth-guards – not something that will be needed right away as typically most students don’t spar until gold belt.
-sparring equipment – again, not something that will be needed right away. Can order any of these items directly from your Sensei.