Black Belts

Meet the Black Belts and Instructors: (those in bold have their own classes. To see times, please see the About page.)

Kathy Kruisenga 7th
Al Stevens 6th
Tommy Jones – weapons 7th
Jim Bowen 6th
Shannon Bowen 5th
Helen Bargas 5th
Jon Boye 4th
Nathan Witter 4th
Angela Meglis 3rd
Amanda Stephan 3rd
Steve Matheny 2nd
Sarah Witter 2nd
Anna Webster 2nd
Mick Hendrickson 2nd
Casey Brinegar 1st
Josh Brinegar 1st
Ruth Brown 1st
Rachel Hendrickson 1st
Leah Hendrickson 1st
Jessica Stoica 1st
Jim Carey 1st
Brenna Stephan 1st
Crystal Witter 1st

It has been said that when you get your black belt that’s when the real learning begins. Each of these black belts have earned every stitch in their belt and are well worth learning from. It is our privilege to help you, our students, become better martial artists.


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